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    I transform professionals into motivated, high performance, stress resilient executives.


    "Overall, I'm extremely impressed at Mike's knowledge and ability to provide guidance across many topics such as leadership, relationships, wellness, spirituality, philosophy, etc. I couldn't be more appreciative of the opportunity to work with him." Brandon, VP, Revenue Operations, Procore

  • How I Help you transform into your higher performance self

    Executive Coach

    Since 2008


    Being a leader or business owner is difficult in many ways. The stress, expectations, and complexity of situations can be overwhelming. I help by transforming you into a motivated, high performance, stress resilient leader.


    During the first 6 weeks, I help you create a personalized training program designed to build energy, motivation, and stress resilience. Together we create weekly goals and monitor an integrated sleep, nutrition, physical fitness, breath training, meditation, and visualization program. Each week, I train you on new skills and teach you how to monitor your body, brain, and energy levels and measure how you are transforming into your higher performance self.


    After that, I continue as coach, mentor, guide, educator, confidant, and challenger. In addition to empathy and experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge assembled by having worked with and learned from some of the best. I help leaders navigate this journey. I’m a great resource helping prioritize and discuss difficult challenges. I can help you:

    1. Mold yourself into an effective leader by learning to master soft skills and power skills.
    2. Gain a competitive advantage in your industry or team.
    3. Improve self-confidence and human effectiveness.
    4. Develop trust within your team.
    5. Work purposefully towards a promotion.
    6. Discover ways to overcome the stress, anxiety, and depression often carried quietly by leaders.

    What makes me unique is that I have practical, in the trenches, experience in sales, mergers & acquisitions, and entrepreneurship. I can help leaders think through specific leadership challenges they are facing within a team.

  • About Michael

    Improving performance through leadership development

    Michael is a personable coach, mentor, guide, educator, confidant, and challenger to those carrying the burden of leadership. He helps promising leaders improve how they navigate tough economic, technological, and geo-political environments. In addition to empathy and experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge assembled by having worked with and learned from the best. He is an active C-level executive in the software company.


    His experience includes leadership roles in software, analytics, sales, and mergers & acquisitions. He’s served a consultant to clients including SAP, Cisco, Digital Realty, Procore, EY and more. He’s been an advisor to many business owners and leaders launching new products, key technologies, and new businesses and serves as an executive coach to business leaders facing complex leadership challenges. He has been in the trenches with founders and business owners in the most critical moments in the journey of building and selling a company.

    His deal experience includes 10+ mergers and acquisitions across tech, food and beverage, e-commerce, and media helping owners sell businesses to high net worth individuals, private equity firms, and corporate buyers. He successfully brings business leaders together to discuss pressing industry issues during his leadership summits.

    Michael has been described by his peers as having excellent leadership, management, and interpersonal skills; extensive experience with solution selling and complex selling techniques; and as being very competitive with a driven to succeed mentality to overachieve measurable goals.

    Michael co-founded LittleKidsRock.org, a national non-profit, to restore and revitalize music education in public schools and served over 650,000 kids across 45 US states. He co-founded CoffeeReview.com to transform the coffee industry through transparency and fair trade. It’s now the world’s most widely read and influential coffee buying guide. He serves on the board of Tides, a partner to philanthropists and corporations investing over $200 million a year in social entrepreneurs. He served in the US Army, led teams, attained the rank of Captain, and trained in special operations.


  • How It Works

    Executive Coaching through Socratic Coaching - a cooperative dialogue between the coach and the professional receiving coaching, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presumptions about current situations.



    Weekly sessions


    Client engagements generally come in the form of a mix of face-to-face meetings as well as video or phone calls. Convenient weekly sessions are designed to practice new skills, prepare for challenges, and work towards leadership development goals.





    Typical engagements range from 4 hours -3 days per month of cumulative time. We discuss and work through challenges you are currently facing and work through them. The exact scope varies from client to client. Intensity of engagements vary based on milestones, such active leadership changes or upcoming meetings.



    Action Based


    Clients leave each engagement with an action plan, new perspectives, and new energy to thrive.

  • Work With Me

    I'm easy to work with



    Executive Coaching on any business situation.

    • 30-60 Minute Phone Meeting




    Advice and insights on any business situation.

    • 60 Minutes Phone Meeting




    Reserve a standing monthly meeting with me for a year.

    • Monthly Advisor Meeting




    Custom agreement based on needs.

    • Board of Directors Roles
    • Project Based Advisory


  • Testimonial

    Additional testimonials available upon request


    "Overall, I'm extremely impressed at Mike's knowledge and ability to provide guidance across many topics such as leadership, relationships, wellness, spirituality, philosophy, etc. I couldn't be more appreciative of the opportunity to work with him."

  • Specialities

    I help professionals improve in the following areas

    Managing Up

    Building Great Relationships With Management

    To build your career, you'll not only need to do good work but also need to shape management perception of you and manage the relationship. This will define your experience at your company and the opportunities available to you. I coach you and teach you how to manage up and across the organization.

    Leading Teams

    Empowering and Uniting Teams

    The most valuable thing you can do for your business is to build a cohesive team. I'll coach you through the challenges of bringing our team together and building a strong foundation of trust.

    M & A

    Navigating the M & A Process

    Selling a business involves far more than just the legal and business challenges. Often owners must navigate complex relationships with stakeholders. I help you map those relationships and work through them step by step. I've coached over 50 business owners considering the sale of a business and helped them navigate this process and manage the entire deal team.

    Building Culture

    Defining and Creating a Culture

    One of the most challenging things a leader will face is building a company culture. I'll coach you through the process of defining culture with your team and how to create and shape it as the company grows.

    Well Being

    Skills for Rebalancing the Mind

    The stress of leadership can be overwhelming. I teach and coach leaders on how to create personalized meditation, breathing, and exercise programs for health and productivity improvement. As a martial arts and yoga instructor with nearly 20 years experience, I'm uniquely qualified to help business professionals incorporate these practices into their daily lives for lasting change.

  • Type of Clients

    I coach a broad spectrum of clients

    Business Owners (SMB)


    Fast growth software companies and Fortune 500


    Seed Stage - Series F

    Operations Managers

    Marketing Managers

    Account Executives (Sales)

    Enterprise and SMB

    And More...

  • Industries


    Financial Services

    Life Sciences

    Consumer Products

  • Skills I Teach

    Through The Socratic Coaching Process, You'll Learn How To

    Be a better coach to your team.

    Empower teams and not micromanage.

    Create and inclusive team environment.

    Show concern for success and well-being of your team members.

    Improve your listening and information sharing skills.

    Show support for career development and performance.

    Create a clear vision and strategy for the team.

    Inspire the team to embrace life-long learning and continuously improve skills.

    Collaborate and build alliances across the organization.

    Collaborate and build alliances across the organization.

    Become a strong decision maker.

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    • Are you willing to go on a path of growth and life long learning?


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    • Discuss a particular challenge or business topic. I function as your sounding board for key decisions.
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    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    If you’re not satisfied with the results of your first meeting, we’ll apply your credit to another meeting


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